The Healing FUSION is not about any particular healing technology; it is about the synergistic blend of a few. It is about the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts; the system that is an entity in its own rights and lives a life on its own. Three healing technologies are blended in The FUSION: SCENAR, Soft Laser, Solaris Blanket. Each one is a powerful stand-alone technology, each one has its own history, theory and methodology – and so does their fusion.

The FUSION story, like a new life, begins from the moment when a girl met a boy. That happened in 2004. One may say, ‘the girl’ was I, a conventional ophthalmologist converted to a holistic healer, who since 1996 was persistently working on bringing a revolutionary healing technology called SCENAR from the Russian space program to the world at large and for that commonly being addressed as ‘The First Lady of SCENAR’. One may also say that ‘the girl’ in our story is the SCENAR itself, which is feminine in its essence, by the admission of its original creator Dr. Alexander Karasev himself. SCENAR is typical ‘yin’ – organizing, connecting, balancing, reflective, like Mother Earth. It does not solve systemic problems, yet makes the system aware of them and tactfully directs its healing efforts. In general, SCENAR is the source of information the system needs to heal effectively.

One may say, ‘the boy’ in our story was David Gawain, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, who in the process of working on his Garden Within concept got involved with the Soft Laser (Low Level Laser) technology, which since 2002 became the focus of his attention. One may also say that ‘the boy’ is the Laser itself, which is masculine in nature. Any Laser is ‘yang’ – active, nourishing, energizing, may even be aggressive, like the Sun. Soft Laser, being a source of coherent light, provides the system with resources it needs to solve its problems, repairs damaged cells, recharges the systemic ‘biological battery’. In general, the Soft Laser is the source of energy that the system needs to heal effectively.

We met in the center of the Bermuda Triangle – in the Bahamas. I with my SCENAR and Dr. David with his Soft Laser. Complementary opposites. As soon as we blended both technologies together, it became obvious that a new quality was born, a new system, which we called The Healing FUSION. The Soft Laser and the SCENAR mutually enhanced each other, creating phenomenon where 1+1=11, not 2.

I saw at last working in practice what I long ago foresaw working in theory. The Soft Laser strengthens the system, so that the SCENAR can work faster and more efficiently. The SCENAR shakes the system and breaks the rigid stability of existing order of things, so that the system can accept the new coherent order that the Soft Laser brings in. In other words, these two technologies suppose to work as a perfect team.

That was in theory. In practice, there was a problem: I could not find the soft laser that would be ‘complementary opposite’ with the SCENAR. Stimulating lasers (and most soft lasers are stimulating) and SCENAR used simultaneously seemed to overwhelm the system. Two technologies needed to be separated in time, which was not much of a teamwork.

The perfect blend became possible only when I met Dr. David with the resonating laser Q1000. The subtleness of this particular laser engages the body into healing reactions without stressing the system and welcomes corrective SCENAR influences. As a result, systemic coherency (in other words, health) can be re-established much more efficiently. At last, theory was supported by practice, and The Healing FUSION came to existence.

Almost instantly, one more technology joined the Soft Laser and the SCENAR in The FUSION. That was the Solaris Blanket – simple yet very effective ‘energy mirror’. Solaris creates protective cocoon-like environment, in which the system can heal without interruptions, constantly monitoring progress through the reflection of its own subtle natural radiation. Solaris further enhanced the SCENAR-Soft Laser ‘dynamic duo’. The Healing FUSION became a triad.

‘The power of three’ is always greater than the three powers apart. The Healing FUSION in the hands of numerous practitioners all over the world facilitates healing miracles every day in the situations where the three technologies used separately cannot help enough. And we do not even know the full potential of The FUSION, we are still learning. After all, it is only 3 years old. Who knows what it is going to be like a few years down the road?

One thing we know though. At the moment, The Healing FUSION is probably the most powerful combination of energy-informational healing technologies out there – and at the same time one of the simplest and safest to use. That makes it completely suitable for self-care. Having The FUSION easily available to you in the convenience of your own home can satisfy most of your daily health needs – and prevent the development of new ones. So, how about updating your medicine cabinet for the 21st century by adding The Healing FUSION? You deserve the best.